HoopJumper Social Media Management, as easy as 1-2-3!

Schedule your Strategy Call

Approve the Creative

Watch your Profiles Grow

HoopJumper Social Media Management will combine

Relevant Links

Strong Visuals


Creative Captions

to create a cohesive brand across your profiles that will not only attract attention from current followers but encourage engagement.

HoopJumper offers the optimal way of combining free organic publishing and paid social media advertising.

You need a strong Social Media presence to:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Grow your audience
  • Build relationships with that audience
  • Promote your services

According to 90% of marketers, their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.

The Best Way to Harness the Power of Social Media

The social media landscape changes about as fast as you can hit ‘like’. HoopJumper navigates that for you, and keeps your profiles on the forefront of social trends.

Announcing HoopJumper Social Media Management

HoopJumper Social Media Management will share unique content tailored to your brand across channels of your choice each week. We take care of the content development and scheduling, so you don’t have to stress about what your next social media post will be.

During our Strategy Call we will

Learn or establish your brand’s vision and strategy, gain access to your profiles and discuss what mix of content unique to you and your area will highlight your expertise, deliver current industry news & trends, while establishing your value with your target audience.

Our Team will Create a Content Calendar for your approval.

We take care of the custom graphics, specialized captions and optimized hashtags for your social media posts, all you have to do is approve them! With the greenlight from you, we will take care of the scheduling and posting of your content.

Once posted, we will monitor your profile’s growth.

Building an empire doesn’t happen overnight. Our social media specialists will monitor your social channels and deliver monthly reports, adjusting strategy as your goals grow or change.



Package Features Basic Advanced Pro
Initial Strategy Session 30 Minute Strategy Call 40 Minute Strategy Call 50 Minute Strategy Call
Initial Setup check check check
Platforms 2 Platforms* 3 Platforms* 4 Platforms*
Monthly Content Calendar check check check
Created and Curated Posts check check check
Monthly Report check check plus a 20 minute call check plus a 30 minute call
Advertising 4 boosted posts per month
Basic Facebook Pixel Integration check
Add Ons
Social Media Rebranding Package (New Social Media Headers and Profile Graphics, One Time Fee) $350
Social Profile Setup (One Time Fee) $30 per platform $24 per platform $19 per platform
Inbox management and follower/customer interaction (Per Month) Max. 4 replies a week - $30 Max. 4 replies a week - $25
Additional 30 Minute Strategy Call $30 $30 $25
*Includes Facebook Business Page, then choice between Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

**Posts include a combination of original graphics and links. Total number includes all posts. For example the Advanced Package includes 48 posts per month, approximately 12 per week spread across 3 platforms.


Is strategy included?

All packages include a strategy for increasing followers, interaction and engagement. The levels of strategy we can use increases with the number of posts. We will customize your strategy to your profile and goals, starting out with the basics like asking more questions, strategic hashtags and sharing relevant links to your area and market. Any specific content or topics you want to be included, we discuss in the initial strategy call, and we will build on each month!

How many of the posts per month go on each platform?

The total posts are split across your social media platforms. For example: the Basic Package includes 24 posts per month: approximately 12 per month, 3 per week, per platform. This number will vary occasionally per platform but 24 will be posted total. These posts include a combination of original graphics made for your brand, internal links to your website and external links (industry news or local topics).