• Establish Your Social Media Goals

    • Discuss Your Current Social Media Strategies

    • Decide on the Best Course of Action for YOU


    1.) Watch the 90 second video
    2.) Click “Speak with a Social Media Specialist”
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    Hi, I’m Haley Goodman, Social Media Specialist at HoopJumper. I’m really excited that you’re interested to learn how HoopJumper can turbocharge your social media to bring you more followers, leads and business.

    Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll cover on our 30-minute call:

    #1. We’re going to find out what your goals are around social media.

    #2. I’ll review your current social profiles, and latest postings.

    Then, at the end, there’s going to be TWO possible outcomes. Outcome #1 maybe it doesn’t make sense for us to work together, and we’ll just part as friends.

    Outcome #2: It makes TOTAL sense that we should work together to build a social media marketing system that will ROCK for you and your business.

    Click the button below! Once you do, you’ll get TWO emails. First: There will be an email verifying the date and time you’ve chosen. Second: A link to a form for you to LIST THE LINKS TO YOUR CURRENT SOCIAL PROFILES so I can review them BEFORE our call.

    I’m really looking forward to our call. See you then!