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HoopJumper Social Media Advertising helps you get the most out of your paid advertising efforts and establish your

Strategy                Content                Budget

According to Statista, 41% of surveyed marketers claimed that Facebook gave them the best ROAS, putting it at the top of the most popular social media sites for marketing.


Sign up, fill out our intake form and schedule your first strategy call

Work with our team to share access to your accounts and approve our team’s creative work.

HoopJumper posts, monitors and manages your campaigns from there!

The Simple way to Navigate Complex Facebook Marketing

Instead of spending hours on hours deciphering Facebook Business tools and trying to master social media advertising, let HoopJumper help!

We can help you determine your Campaign Strategy and Budget.

Launching a new product or service? Or just want your posts to reach more people? We start with a strategy call each month to determine what the upcoming plan should be including Advertising Goals, Messaging Target audience and other campaign details.

Grant HoopJumper access to your Accounts accordingly.

Facebook Business manager is a beast, we can help you conquer it! During this call we will get the tools in place to start running ads on your behalf.

We create the graphics and ad copy, you approve them.

Using the information discussed in the strategy call, our team will do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is choose from the options we provide.

We test, publish and monitor your ads for you

After your approval we take care of posting and monitoring the ads for you. During the campaign you will get regular reports according to the length of the campaign and updates if adjustments are needed.

Package Breakdown and Features


Monthly Strategy Session

Initial Onboarding

2 Custom Graphics

Custom Ad Copy

Campaign Build

Campaign Monitoring Reporting

This is the perfect package for someone who hasn’t run Facebook ads before and wants to test the waters. We will work with you to establish a goal and/or budget for your campaign. This package is Ideal if you aim to reach more people with your posts and grow your audience.


Monthly Strategy Session

Initial Onboarding

3 Custom Graphics

Custom Ad Copy

Campaign Build

Campaign Monitoring

Creative Split Testing


This package is best for the Business Accounts that want to reach more people and collect leads. More ads per month means testing to find ads that work for your audince and page. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we can still work with you to establish campaign goals and the corresponding budget or we can take your vision and make it happen.

Social Media Management Fee does not include ad spend budget.


Monthly Strategy Session
Initial Onboarding

4 Custom Graphics

Custom Ad Copy Variations

Campaign Build

Campaign Monitoring

Audience Split Testing

Creative Split Testing


Choice of updates via Email or Text

Business Manager Set-Up Assistance

Social Media Landing Page

Even if you have never run ads before we can help you jump right in with the top package. It includes a longer Strategy Session and more ads to chose from or run during your campaign. If you don’t already have a campaign goal or budget in mind we will help you navigate those and get the most for your money with Facebook Advertising

Social Media Management Fee does not include ad spend budget.


Package Features Good Better Best
Monthly Strategy Call 20 Minute Call 30 Minute Call 40 Minute Call
Initial Onboarding check check check
Facebook Ads Monitoring check check check
Reporting check check check
Custom Ad Graphics Design Up to 2 Creative Variations Up to 3 Creative Variations Up to 4 Creative Variations
Custom Ad Copy Writing check check check
Facebook Ads Campaign Build** check check check
Creative Split Testing check check
Audience Split Testing check
Social Media Landing Page $197 $97 check
Business Manager Set Up Assistance $97 $67 check

*30 minute support call preferably with Zoom Screensharing
**Number of Ad sets to vary with level of testing and budget .

Not sure what package is best for you? Schedule a free Social Media Review and our Social Media Specialist will recommend the right course of action to start achieving your Social Media Advertising Goals


Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

Facebook and Google ads are very different so it is hard to say one is better than the other. They target audiences very differently – Google ads might reach someone farther along in the buying process, that is searching for a specific item, whereas Facebook ads target people by interests and behaviors. Ideally, a marketing strategy would utlize both types of ads, but we do see Facebook ads often have a lower cost per click than google ads. When you compare Facebook ads to other similar social media sites, Facebook users are more likely to click ads they see in their feed, making it a highly beneficial place to invest your advertising budget.

What is the best type of Facebook Ad?

The answer to this question really depends on your goal. Facebook offers a variety of Campaign Objectives to choose from like Traffic, Lead Generation, Engagement and more. In many cases, you will go through different objectives as the user moves through your funnel, but we can create ads to fit at any stage of the buyer’s journey, it just depends on how much Facebook Advertising you’ve done before and where you’d like to start. We always recommend testing your options and see which one gives you the best cost per result, if you’d like to talk about specifics for your situation: Sign Up for a Free Social Media Review